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maliks-discostick and I are writing the most hella AltMal Modern AU in the history of hella

The Shanghai Job

Two years after a failed mission gone horribly wrong, Master Assassins Altaïr and Malik find themselves forced to work together again for the first time since the travesty occurred. Shipped off to Shanghai to take down a nefarious slum lord with possible connections to a Piece of Eden, they are compelled to reevaluate everything they think they know about each other.

Do us (and yourself) a favor and check it out, we just uploaded the first chapter!

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They sit together watching the sun set. It isn’t something they really intended to do, it just sort of happened. And they decide for tonight that’s just okay. He looks over and sees the adorable crinkle of skin around eyes and nose from squinting into the light. It takes all his strength not to lean over and kiss those crinkles, though something tells him right now it would be welcome. He scoots a bit closer and they unconsciously press their shoulders together. Hands brush behind them, though neither moves them apart. Words are spoken softly, light chuckles fill the air. He looks over and is rewarded with that smile that sends his world spinning. A slight blush creeps up on his cheeks as night falls around them, blanketing them in a peaceful shared solitude. He doesn’t expect the lips on his cheek or the lips on his nose when he turns to question, but he’s certainly not complaining.

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