Okay I saw an imaginyourotp and got the urge to write it with male Hakwe and Anders so. returntomasyaf encouraged me. It’s my first time writing these two so. ha.

Imagine your OTP having rough sex when suddenly Person A hits their head on the headboard of their bed.  Person B laughs so hard they can’t finish.

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Eren vs Willow

Bra told me to write something about Eren and then the conversation turned to Kim K Hollywood and this happened.

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Thouroughly Chilled Nerves

imagineyourotp + NoiAo. Here we go.

Imagine Person A of your OTP trying to sneak into Person B’s shower, and then failing miserably because Person B likes ice cold showers.

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Erwin Doesn’t Do Not Vanilla

I picked an imagineyourotp and Bra gave me a pairing. This is the result.

Imagine your OTP going grocery shopping and arguing about which flavour of ice cream to get.

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Hello everyone! Well, I have a small request. My hours have been drastically cut at work since summer is the slowest time of year for us and my work just hired two people who will be taking my spot when I move in a few months! Which means less money for me when I really need it! So, I’ve decided to try and open up writing commissions.

Fandoms I can definitely write in:

  • Assassin’s Creed
  • Dramatical Murder
  • Supernatural
  • Sherlock Holmes (BBC, Granada)
  • Persona 4 maybe 3
  • Howl’s Moving Castle, Spirited Away, Ponyo etc.
  • Disney/Pixar
  • Black Butler (still pretty new here)
  • Space Dandy
  • Trigun
  • Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan
  • Free!

Really there are a bunch of random tv shows, movies, video games, and books that I enjoy and could probably write for so ask if you are thinking anything I haven’t listed.

I can try to do OCs as well, I will just need a lot of description!

I will write almost anything. I’ve gotten better at writing things I’m not even always comfortable with but I will let you know if I can’t do it after some discussion. I will need plot basics/outline, get as specific as you want please, usually more info the better. Here are links to my AO3 and writing blog.

Prices are as follows:

$10 USD/1000 words

$12 USD/1000 words if you would like smut

$13 USD/1000 words for OCs (smut included)

I will ask for $5 USD down when you make an request. The length of the pieces can vary of course, so the final price will be determined when the piece is finished.

Pay me to write a new fic, add more to another fic, or an au or crossover idea that you want fleshed out. Pay me to write some poetry or maybe you want an insert of you with your favorite historical figure; perhaps an announcement or something you’re trying to get across to your friends/loved ones idefc I need money okay and I’m pretty good with words.

I will have three slots open until I get better at multitasking something like this. I’ll try to have the finished product to you within two~three weeks. PayPal is the easiest form of payment, money being sent as a gift of course. I also have access to a trusted website (ProPay) that allows me to process credit cards, so if you trust me enough, that is an option. Send me an ask or email me at lvangrouw075@gmail.com (email for very serious inquiries please, I don’t want tumblr eating those asks).

****Please don’t ask me to write smut if you’re underage, I don’t want to get in any trouble. Obviously I can’t exactly prove if you’re of age so please be considerate that this is something I am extremely uncomfortable with and could maybe even get arrested for.

If you can’t commission a signal boost would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks for your consideration!




maliks-discostick and I are writing the most hella AltMal Modern AU in the history of hella

The Shanghai Job

Two years after a failed mission gone horribly wrong, Master Assassins Altaïr and Malik find themselves forced to work together again for the first time since the travesty occurred. Shipped off to Shanghai to take down a nefarious slum lord with possible connections to a Piece of Eden, they are compelled to reevaluate everything they think they know about each other.

Do us (and yourself) a favor and check it out, we just uploaded the first chapter!

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Storm’s Grasp

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writing oc 



They sit together watching the sun set. It isn’t something they really intended to do, it just sort of happened. And they decide for tonight that’s just okay. He looks over and sees the adorable crinkle of skin around eyes and nose from squinting into the light. It takes all his strength not to lean over and kiss those crinkles, though something tells him right now it would be welcome. He scoots a bit closer and they unconsciously press their shoulders together. Hands brush behind them, though neither moves them apart. Words are spoken softly, light chuckles fill the air. He looks over and is rewarded with that smile that sends his world spinning. A slight blush creeps up on his cheeks as night falls around them, blanketing them in a peaceful shared solitude. He doesn’t expect the lips on his cheek or the lips on his nose when he turns to question, but he’s certainly not complaining.

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